Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Windows Live Writer (WLW) – A Test Post

Following comments and emails after the previous posting, spotted , which includes the following text:
“Small Workaround to Post using Windows Live Writer
Well frankly its not a straight way to hack into and make once again live writer compatible with blogger but you can write down your posts using it and post it using blogger by copying its HTML content, check how.
  1. Write down your full post in Windows Live Writer.
  2. Now shift to the Source TAB below.
  3. Copy the whole thing and use Blogger > Posts > New Post.
  4. Click on the HTML Tab and paste, this way all your formatting with remain the same.
  5. Now for the images it can be uploaded directly on blogger, or if you want to format it live in live writer then you can upload it to some outer hosting (which I don't recommend) like Imgur and many other.
You can preview your posts, then add all those search description and custom permalink, then post your content.”

I actually tried this on Tuesday (26 May) when I first encountered the WLW problem. It didn’t work for me then, I think because of problems with the images, but I’m ready to give it a go again. The picture, if it transmits, is of the 241 runners assembling outside Wythenshawe Hall for (the results of which are not shown here at the time of posting, but they are on the page.

Conclusion (added later):

This seems to work for the text but not for the image, for which the correct amount of space is given, as well as the Alt tag, but the image isn't shown. Playing with the HTML for that seems unsatisfactory, so it looks as if the images need to be added separately, which for me is a real pain. So whilst this approach does seem to be a solution for text only postings, inclusion of images at the correct size remains a difficulty.

Here's another go at inserting the image, and I've tried to adjust the size by using the HTML code screen. It looks hopeful, but you need a calculator to work out the height adjustment once you've adjusted the HTML code to the desired width (550 pixels in this case).

I've now (July 2019) also added the image to the top of the screen, where originally intended, this time adjusting to X-Large before reducing to 550 width; this gives better resolution as you can see.

Wythenshawe parkrunners assemble on 30 May 2015


Alan Sloman said...

Thanks for trying this, Martin.
I think I'll try Blogger until the WLW is sorted out.
I've got a whole lot of TGO Challenge posts to write and I can't be doing with all the complications for all the pictures.

Callum Hord said...

I think that's a good plan Alan, formatting seems ok if you type directly into Blogger, but you might find it handy to go into the HTML code to adjust the size of your images, though that seems to have adversely affected the resolution on some of mine when I've done that.

I'll be off mobile blogging again in a couple of weeks, just using the Blogger email address from my phone, which shouldn't be a problem, and hopefully someone will have devised a good solution by the time I get back; I'm not inclined to waste any more time on this at the moment...

Good luck with your Challenge blogs, you'll have seen I've already done mine and am making small edits in Blogger as and when I process the images on a daily basis. There will be an index in due course, with a slideshow of about five images from each day.