Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Tuesday 1 January 2019 – A Visit to Arnside


After returning to Lyn’s house for a post-parkrun coffee with her and Robert (and to collect some cheese) we headed up to Leighton Moss Bird Reserve for lunch. It was heaving with people, and we had to park by the roadside. However, the café had a free table and the shop provided a squirrel proof bird feeder by way of a Christmas present for me – or should that be for our garden birds?

Ian and Rona were at home in Arnside as predicted. Cooking duties prevented Rona from joining us, but Duncan was at his parents’ house and came along on a romp up Arnside Knott.

It was a particularly clear day with fine views deep into the Lake District.

We started beside the Kent Estuary, with the tide rapidly ebbing.


The views widened as we soared up the gentle ascent of Arnside Knott.


A viewpoint was soon reached. We thought we could see right through the Lake District to Skiddaw in the superb visibility.


The low sun provided good reflections in Morecambe Bay.


We were, of course, obliged to visit the summit, getting 2019 off to a good ‘hill start’.


A quick romp down, then we picked up the car from Ian and Rona’s house and spent a happy hour with Conrad (aka Sir Hugh), whose tea and biscuits were much appreciated. Thanks Conrad, and it was great to see you looking in such good form. Have a great 2019.


Here’s our route – 7 km with 165 metres ascent, taking about 1.75 hours. Always a pleasure.


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Monday 1 January 2018 – Arnside Knott


Whilst others were limbering up in preparation for two parkruns on New Year’s Day, Sue and I were enjoying a banquet and a late night at Lyn’s house in north Manchester.


We were pretty full by the end of the evening, after losing count of the number of courses served up by an assortment of participants.


Delicious. A lovely evening. Thanks go to Lyn and Robert for hosting.


The unfinished ceviche made a fine substitute for marmalade on New Year’s morning, and was finally utilised by Sue and me as a starter later on. Nothing goes to waste in our kitchen.

Sue and I are struggling with heavy colds, so we weren’t inclined to rush off. But when we did, we headed gently up to Conrad’s house in Arnside. The idea was to wish him a happy new year, then enjoy a stroll in the Silverdale/Arnside area.

Conrad is recovering well from a replacement knee operation, albeit unable to join us on a walk. After a long chat, it was afternoon by the time we set off up Arnside Knott.


Occasional squalls didn’t dampen our enthusiasm, and a fair number of folk were encountered. The following view from Arnside Knott across the Kent Estuary shows the Lake District to be engulfed in cloud, so we were happy with our decision to head for a low southern hill.


Here’s a picture from the trig point.


We headed along contouring paths down to Arnside Tower, which is visible to the left of Sue’s head. You can just see a new path that now sensibly skirts the yard of the nearby farm.


The signage in this area is pretty good, but this particular sign appears to have suffered the same fate as our old garden fence!


We continued over Middlebarrow, through Holgates mobile home/campsite to Elmslack, for lunch on a bench at Elmslack Well, upon which a litter bin has been judiciously placed!

A pleasant path then led around to Waterslack, where the railway was crossed and we soon joined a permissive path not marked on the map, past this distinctive tree, to the Hawes Water bridleway.


Last year’s visit on yielded a photo taken near here that now glows at us from January’s calendar. Today’s conditions were less sunny, and as we progressed along the footpaths towards Hazelslack they got progressively more muddy. This is ‘before the mud’.


Hazelslack is a farm next to a ruin, much in the same vein as Arnside Tower.


We joined the estuary path to the north of Carr Bank. This had been inundated by the tide when we arrived earlier, but now the water had receded, with views to Arnside beyond the grassy area that has sections of mud where the grass appears to have been mechanically removed. I wonder why?


Having supplied coffee and cake earlier, (aka ‘Sir Hugh’) was now well disposed to offering tea and (excellent) biscuits before we tootled off home. By coincidence, he was busy exchanging emails with fellow bloggers, . He has a very homely spot, with a view to Ingleborough on less cloudy days (subject to an errant chimney pot for which he is still scouring eBay for a bazooka!).


Here’s our route, a very pleasant circuit of 13 km, with 300 metres ascent, taking about three and a half hours at a gentle pace. There are lots of alternatives in this area that is happily stuffed full of picturesque rights of way.


Happy New Year, everyone.