Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Center Parcs - Sherwood Forest - 17 to 20 January 2020

Here are just a few pictures from our weekend sojourn at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest.
We had house/chalet number 889 again, reached by foot, bike or (in Louise's case) invalid carriage, down pretty pathways and past some relatively new buildings that have resulted in the golf range being turned into a family crazy golf course.
On Friday night, we assembled in the sauna, and adjourned (when the beer bottles got too hot) for Gerry and Chris's excellent 'spag bol', before a 'slide show' of last year's canal trip and other stuff.
Stuart, Lyn, Louise, Gerry, Chris, Robert and Sue.
On Saturday morning I went on a nearby 5 km parkrun, on which I've already reported. It was a lovely morning, as I took a finishing line picture before heading back to base.
The lake was glittering in the sunshine as I walked past.
There's a new 'ride' in the pool area - here it is, wisely positioned just above a building that houses the medical centre.
The afternoon was spent on a variety of different courts, of which only badminton is pictured below.
Whilst most of us adjourned to table tennis, Chris struggled up a climbing wall.
Captions please?
The exercises concluded with a marathon game of floodlit tennis, in which it took Sue and Robert the entire hour to beat me and Stuart (both cripples) by 10 games to 8. Then it was back to the sauna, and a chicken meal from Louise.
Sunday started with an hour and a half of squash, which five of us managed to enjoy without getting too shattered.
Nearby, Greylag and Egyptian Geese pottered about expectantly.
Later, the short tennis (indoors with a soft ball on a badminton court) was interrupted by a visit to some owls.
Did you know that a barn owl, without its feathers, is no bigger than a blackbird?
Owls from Africa and Mexico were passed around, then the barn owl, then the European Eagle Owl pictured below.
This fine fellow can live between 30 and 40 years in the wild, and 40 to 50 years in captivity. This one is about 18 years old. They are breeding successfully in the UK, in particular on the Yorkshire Moors and in the Yorkshire Dales, according to their 'dad'.
Goulash followed more sauna, then we enjoyed 'Lyn's Log' - a documentary about a canal crew in the Stratford area.
Monday morning saw more table tennis, swimming, etc, before everyone hobbled away for a bit of recovery time before their next bout of exercise.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Center Parcs 2019 (2)

Some more photos may follow, but suffice to say we have enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from basket weaving to rock climbing, with lots of games involving balls of miscellaneous sizes in between. (Pool, tennis, badminton, short tennis, table tennis, etc.) As well as other stuff involving owls, gyms, cricket, football, slide shows, and the sauna that's attached to the chalet.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Sherwood Pines parkrun

This parkrun takes place only a couple of miles from Center Parcs, so I popped along whilst the others got a few minutes exercise on hydrobikes.

Curiously, there were 390 participants on the single lap course along forest paths - the same as Wythenshawe last week. Also, curiously,  I took exactly the same time as last week - 23.54, but my position was slightly different - thanks possibly to all the fast 11 year olds at Sherwood Pines.

Full results are .

It was a lovely clear morning - ideal for this 5 km jog.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Center Parcs 2019 (1)

Here we are, duly assembled for another active weekend in Sherwood Forest. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

August 23 to 26, 2019 - A Visit to Whinfell Forest - Center Parcs near Penrith

Just a few more pictures to amplify . Click on any image to get a better version/slideshow.
The picture above shows the swimming and aqua centre, where no photos were taken due to the risk of moisture damage. Not to say that no damage was incurred, as one of my ears is still inundated....
We arrived in our chalet for eight plus Oscar the dog on Friday, and Sue, Jacob and I enjoyed a brief excursion to Penrith parkrun on Saturday morning - reported .
At some point during the weekend, some kind person took the following group picture.
The sports hall is pretty vast. At the back of the left side of the following shot are some squash courts, one of which has been adapted to host some family games that were great fun.
Outside, Jess enjoyed an 'off road' experience. She seems to like driving.
Football Pool, which Sue and I enjoyed at Sherwood Forest, was a winner here.
Mike and Sarah enjoyed frequent visits to the Pancake House, from which there's a good view over the lake. A close up lens may have spotted some of the red squirrels that live in this forest.
Short tennis tested Jacob's ball skills.
There was some more driving for Jess, this time without the aid of an electric motor.
"Look no hands" - Kate was busy teaching advanced driving skills to the five year old.
Jacob went high.
As did Sue.
The go-karts were a popular choice.
Golfing took place. The winner is holding the trophy!
More ball skills, with Mike demonstrating his expertise with the small bat.
By now, and after numerous activities not captured on film - aqua sports, owls, massages, gym, etc etc, it was Monday afternoon - time for a final visit to the flumes, rapids and canyon of the pool before joining the homeward bound queues on the M6 motorway.
Thanks, everyone, for a most enjoyable weekend.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

On Holiday at Whinfell Forest




Eight of us are enjoying a few days at Center Parcs' holiday village near Penrith.

The swimming complex has the edge over our usual Sherwood Forest base, and the numerous wallet draining activities are proving popular with everyone, especially grandma. Some of those activities are illustrated above. More photos will no doubt follow during the course of the week.

Jacob just about managed to synchronise his high wire exploits in the last picture with England's unexpected winning runs in the test match against Australia at Headingley. 

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Center Parcs 2019 - Part 2

A few more photos, but I failed to capture swimming, short tennis, floodlit tennis, archery, pool, pilates, hydro bikes and more.

Floodlit tennis was our final energetic activity, by which time we were down to three and a half active participants, this year's team being:

Robert - seriously damaged in a bicycle accident this afternoon when a chair got caught in his spokes. Despite his visit to the medical centre, and a very bloody nose, he honoured us with his presence for floodlit tennis.

Lyn - has serious difficulties walking and relies on chairs supplied by Robert; spent time in the gym but was unable to take part in racquet sports.

Louise - tries hard to overcome fragility to hard objects e.g. table tennis balls, but manages ok with shuttlecocks. 

Chris - normally very active, but seriously damaged an ankle playing table tennis on Saturday morning and required a visit to the medical centre. They advised him to stick to the sauna (luckily our accommodation has one) and the occasional game of pool.

Gerry - a game old bird, but awaiting expert opinion on a serious shoulder injury (torn rotator cuff?).

Stuart - a shining beacon of fitness in a sea of wrecks. Accused of being responsible for one sided contests.

Sue - not far behind Stuart, and ahead of Chris on the climbing wall, despite lots of Achilles massage.

Martin - shoulder and knee injuries inhibit performance. Except at pool.

We've had a great time despite any difficulties arising from the above and other unmentioned traumas. In particular, anyone claiming to be under-fed could be rightly accused of being untruthful.

Center Parcs - Sherwood Forest

Here we are again...