Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Saturday 28 December 2019 - Christmas at Dunham Massey, plus bits

We went last year. .
This year J and J came to stay again, enjoying making shortbread before darkness fell and we toddled off to Dunham on a fine, warm evening. Where we were encouraged to ...

To reach the Winter Gardens, the hall, illuminated with an advent calendar projection, was passed.
Beyond the Lily of the Valley, the Dunham Deer presented a posing opportunity
Illuminated Flowers, Cyclamens, the Heart Walk, and a Neon Door, were all encountered.
The Firework Trees were hard to capture on film without a sound channel.
The Sea of Light was followed by some stalls selling crepes.
The Laser Garden was also hard to photograph. I did my best, and J and J had lots of fun here.
After an interlude during which we toasted giant marshmallows, the Vortex Tunnels led to 'Fire on Water', involving projections onto the back of the hall.
Christmas music continued throughout the 'tour', the music being coordinated with the lighting to trigger the constant changes of colours.
Father Christmas and his Elves were there. It looked hard work, you could almost feel the sub text in their voices … "only two more days of this!"

The final thrill was the Cathedral of Light.
Until, that is, the Fairground Rides. Here, Jacob tried hard to get the swing to loop the loop. I used the following picture rather than the one in which he had virtually disappeared out of the top of the frame.
Whilst Jacob had fun on the Helter Skelter, Jess enjoyed a more sedate fairground ride.
Then we had giant burgers and hot dogs, and went home satisfied. Thanks, Dunham Massey, that was a well organised and happy event. As last year, it took about an hour to go round.
After a good night's sleep, the children were enticed away from their iPads to Walton Park, for train rides and a marathon frisbee session during which Jacob only managed to get the frisbee caught in a tree once. Is that a record!
To complete this miscellany, here's Jess with Rocko on Boxing Day at Grandma Whoosh's house, during one of a number of family gatherings, all of which were most pleasurable.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Thursday 11 April 2019 – Egg Hunting at Dunham Massey

The two Js and their mum popped down from Bacup to Dunham Massey to hunt down some eggs. The only evidence of that activity within this posting is the title on the pieces of paper they are holding above in their attempt to play hide and seek with granddad.

I’d walked from Altrincham, across the golf course, to meet them in the park, where the deer were munching happily and the House was gleaming in the warm sunshine.

Some of the early season colour has now evaporated from the Winter Garden.

Little monkeys. Still trying to hide… ?

There are a few flowers adding colour to the garden.

There has been some recent clearance.

Here’s the C18 wrought iron gate.

And here’s one of the three boars’ heads.

After the excitement of the egg hunt (the eggs were found in a large box labelled ‘Cadbury’), we wandered happily around the garden, and then around the wider grounds. The children must have walked about 4 km, including a number of tree trunks, and had plenty of energy left to play frisbee in Newton Park when we got home.

Well done Kate for spending a happy afternoon with J and J and me (and Sue later), when, after finishing work at 12.30 after a busy term, she could have just gone home and crashed out.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Saturday 29 December 2018 – Christmas at Dunham Massey


Saturday brought a visit from J and J, whose parents sadly both had to work. That gave Sue and me the opportunity to visit ‘Christmas at Dunham Massey’ that folk have been raving about. It comprises an after dark visit to the Winter Garden, where an illuminated route took us an hour to negotiate.

It came up to expectations, starting with a long illuminated archway past puzzled daffodils. I forgot to turn on the flash setting – I still have to learn the camera settings on the S9 phone, but it does seem to perform ok in conditions of low light.


It was hard to capture the ambience, as the colours kept changing.


We have many daylight pictures of the ‘shiny bark’ silver birch trees pictured below.


The route was spiced with numerous interesting lighting effects.


Jacob was required, in order to obtain a badge at the end, to take a selfie with Dasher. All Santa’s reindeer could be found at some point in the garden.


There were some giant reindeer scattered amongst the life-size ones. Below, you can see people passing through the legs of the animal in the middle of the picture.


A bubble machine combined with imaginative lighting provided fun for all.


The large lawn was festooned with lights that changed colour to the sound of Christmas music.


This is Jessica’s ‘selfie’ with Dancer. “Wifi selfie” she said, “… I have an implant.”


The rose garden was nicely lit, with the cash tills of vendors of gourmet marshmallows ringing merrily. There were plenty of toasting coals, and the fare was delicious. If you wanted to, you could bring your own marshmallows.

Returning towards the hall, we passed through an area of dangling baubles that constantly changed colour.


I wonder what the resident swans think of all this?


After exiting the Winter Garden, we passed the front of the hall, where a white bearded gent was frantically distributing some late presents.


The hour in the garden was followed by an hour on some children’s rides. Jacob zipped up and down the Helter Skelter.


They both enjoyed the bucking bronco ride.


At the exit, a waterfall danced to the sound of Christmas music. I have a two minute video of this that I haven’t worked out how to download from the phone. Probably just as well – this posting is quite cheesy enough without that video!


I think everyone enjoyed their evening out – the lighting effects were certainly well up to expectation.