Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca
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Friday, 25 October 2019

1 to 4 October 2019 - some photos from Edinburgh

This got posted prematurely, but I'll try to update it to convey what I originally intended!
There are about 40 pictures here, and nearly 160 in a Dropbox album . I've also inserted links to the original postings.
Day 1 - original posting .
We drove up to Edinburgh and took advantage of the fine day to climb Arthur's Seat.
Descent took us past Holyrood.
We strolled up and down 'The Royal Mile'.
Here's the route we took, as far as the Thai restaurant.
Day 2 - original posting
There's a major construction site in the city centre.
We visited the National Monument and the Nelson Monument.
A Portuguese Cannon sits just below the National Monument.
An 11 km stroll took us past this sculpture in the Water of Leith, to the harbour area at Leith for lunch.
We'd booked to go on the Royal Yacht Britannia, and very interesting that was too.
Here's our 11 km walking route.
Day 3 - original posting .
We started with a visit to the Castle.
This is part of the prison.
There's a massive cannon - Mons Meg.
The Great Hall is quite magnificent.
Military statues and a huge War Memorial feature in the castle's grounds.
Back in the streets of Edinburgh, we came across homage to Chris Hoy, Olympic cyclist.

Mercat Tours led us under ground, to a fairly recently discovered network of passages that were closed off for many years due to insanitary conditions and other problems. An interesting tour - recommended.
Some of the previous inhabitants remain where they expired. Huge rats scurried around looking for more food...
Our evening was spent at 21212, Paul Kitching's successor to 'Juniper', in Altrincham, still sadly missed. He and Katie have been in Edinburgh for over ten years now.
We savoured a superb meal. Original posting .
Day 4 - original posting .
A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens proved most enjoyable. There were lots of interesting plants in the extensive glass houses.
Autumn crocuses were doing well outside.
Sue posed under a pagoda just before it started to rain, and we headed off to the TGO Challengers' reunion in Newtonmore.

For a full 160 ish pictures, click on this  for a Dropbox album.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh




Today's pictures are just a taster of the many snaps taken today at the Botanic Gardens, before we headed off to Newtonmore.

The top picture is allegedly Britain's biggest plant fossil; the other pictures are of random flowers and lily pads.

The orchids and other plants in the glass houses were many and varied - most colourful on an otherwise grey day. The oldest of the trees here were planted over 200 years ago. The gardens are a very special place. A slideshow will follow in due course.

We are now at the Balavil Hotel in Newtonmore, at a reunion of TGO Challengers. A happy gathering of like minded folk.

Friday, 4 October 2019




Many residents of Altrincham harbour fond memories of Paul Kitching's 'Juniper' restaurant. It's over ten years since he and Katie abandoned Juniper and relocated to Edinburgh, in the guise of 21212.

We finally made it there last night, to enjoy a superb meal. It's not the sort of place where its appropriate to take pictures of the food, but we arrived early and I sneaked a snap of the dining room before anyone else got there.

I've also inserted two screen dumps that show the menu (choice of 2 starters, 1 soup, choice of 2 mains, 1 cheese, choice of 2 desserts - hence '21212') but that doesn't really give you much clue as to what we ate - that would run to several pages. For instance, the cheese course comprised 13 different European cheeses and an assortment of different crackers.

Possibly the tastiest meal we have ever had...

Paul and Katie say "hello" to all their old friends in Altrincham and would like to welcome anyone who visits Edinburgh and cares to savour one of Paul's culinary treats.


Thursday, 3 October 2019

Around Edinburgh (2)




A visit to the castle took care of this morning.

The castle is shown in the top photo, then the second picture shows the interior of the Great Hall, which at one time was converted to a three storey barracks for hundreds of troops. The gent on the horse in the third picture is Earl Haig, a somewhat controversial WW1 commander ('Butcher Haig') born in Edinburgh. 

Then, after a quick sandwich, we joined Mercat Tours' 'Historic Underground' tour, exploring some of the history of Edinburgh, in particular the vaults under the South Bridge, which was completed in 1788. These vaults were created soon afterwards, but after being filled with rubble in the 1800s they were rediscovered by the owner of a bar in the 1980s. The rubble has been cleared - apart from the odd skeleton - and the vaults have been 'reborn' as offices, bars, clubs, and tourist destinations. 

Tonight's culinary destination will warrant a separate entry.

More photos .