Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Friday, 24 April 2015

Tilley Endurables Limited


I wrote about on 1 March 2010. That posting contained images of my old Tilley hat, and a bright shiny new one provided by Cotswold. The new one looked identical to the hat shown above on the left. To its right, and below, is that same hat (the one pictured as new in 2010), now looking like the five year old hat pictured back then.

Last week I trotted back to Cotswold with the worn out hat. Unfortunately they were unable to give me a new one. This time they referred me to Tilley’s website. How times have changed! But not that much. It was easy to locate and print the requisite returns note and put the hat in an envelope to Tilley Endurables Limited together with a cheque for £6 for postage and packing.

The hat on the left arrived by return of post.

If I survive another five years, I have little doubt that the hat on the left will look like the one on the right, as each of my previous three hats seems to have lasted just about five years before disintegration has set in. Had I needed to buy the replacement it would have cost me £65 (up from £51 five years ago).

A big thanks to Tilley, therefore, for honouring their lifetime guarantee for the third time. This really should be some comfort to those shelling out £65 for their first hat. You can do it in the knowledge that the one-off payment will secure ‘a hat for life’, even if it may occasionally need replacing free of charge if it wears out.

The hat, by the way, is an excellent product – an item I wouldn’t be without for summer walking. The best you can get.


Monday, 1 March 2010

A Tale of Three Tilleys

Once upon a time I bought a Tilley hat.  It was a favourite piece of summer equipment and saw much use.

Many years later, and after not a little hair loss, I gave up full time employment and took a stroll across the Pyrenees.  The sun shone for most of the journey and the trusty Tilley hat saw more or less continuous deployment.

The brim separated from the rest of the hat.  It wore out.

One reason for purchasing such a hat is its ‘Lifetime Guarantee’.  I’d survived the journey home, so a while later I took the remnants of the old hat to Mr Field and Mrs Trek, who had a shop at that time across the road from work.

“It’s worn out” I was told.
”But what about the Lifetime Guarantee?”
”Have you a receipt?”
”No, it’s ancient.”
”Yes, it’s worn out.”
”But it has a Lifetime Guarantee!” 
[Humour him, he’s a good customer!]
”OK, we’ll send it back and see what happens.”
”Fine, I’m sure they’ll honour their obligation.”
”I wouldn’t count on that…” [gravely doubtful]…

…a few days later…
”Sir, your new hat has arrived!”

That was back in late 2004.  Now it hasn’t helped that I’ve not worked much since then, and I’ve subjected my friend – the new hat – pictured below – to a fair bit of use.

A five year old Tilley Hat

Sadly, this new hat had lasted only five years.  It was well and truly worn out (there were bigger holes around the back).

So a couple of weeks ago, as I passed through town, I ventured into Mr Brigham’s emporium, Mr Field and Mrs Trek having withdrawn from the rigours of retailing in the north of England.

“We would love to help, but we stock Royal Robbins”
fumbles with computer
”I see the nearest stockists of Tilley hats are Nevisport and Cotswold.”

I thanked them for their help and strolled a few metres to Mr Nevisport’s rather less opulent emporium.

“What’s that?”
”It’s a Tilley hat.  I think you’ll find it has a Lifetime Guarantee.”
”No, have you never heard of Tilley hats?”
”No.”  [blank look – was I from ‘Zog’?]
”I believe you are stockists, but never mind.”

On I trudged to Emperor Cotswold’s shiny new shop, on the same day that Alan defeated them with his questions about waterproof socks.
”It’s a Tilley hat”  I explained to the ground floor staff.
”Yes, we can see that; you need to go downstairs.”
I was by now a little weary, so downstairs I simply placed the old hat on the counter and waited for a response.
It came immediately.
”Good morning, come this way…ah..the old one is” (searches for labels) “a T3 size 7.  You are in luck.”  Hands me a new hat.
”Don’t you need to send it back?” 
“Yes, but it has a Lifetime Guarantee, and it’s worn out, so you are entitled to a new one.  We’ll get a credit from Tilley.  Enjoy your new hat.” 
“Thank you.”

So, thanks again to the helpful staff in Cotswold (luckily I am not a ‘Niche walker’), for their excellent service in providing me with this nice new hat.

My new Tilley Hat

I wonder how long this one will last.

I may never know…!