Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Saturday 28 December 2019 - Christmas at Dunham Massey, plus bits

We went last year. .
This year J and J came to stay again, enjoying making shortbread before darkness fell and we toddled off to Dunham on a fine, warm evening. Where we were encouraged to ...

To reach the Winter Gardens, the hall, illuminated with an advent calendar projection, was passed.
Beyond the Lily of the Valley, the Dunham Deer presented a posing opportunity
Illuminated Flowers, Cyclamens, the Heart Walk, and a Neon Door, were all encountered.
The Firework Trees were hard to capture on film without a sound channel.
The Sea of Light was followed by some stalls selling crepes.
The Laser Garden was also hard to photograph. I did my best, and J and J had lots of fun here.
After an interlude during which we toasted giant marshmallows, the Vortex Tunnels led to 'Fire on Water', involving projections onto the back of the hall.
Christmas music continued throughout the 'tour', the music being coordinated with the lighting to trigger the constant changes of colours.
Father Christmas and his Elves were there. It looked hard work, you could almost feel the sub text in their voices … "only two more days of this!"

The final thrill was the Cathedral of Light.
Until, that is, the Fairground Rides. Here, Jacob tried hard to get the swing to loop the loop. I used the following picture rather than the one in which he had virtually disappeared out of the top of the frame.
Whilst Jacob had fun on the Helter Skelter, Jess enjoyed a more sedate fairground ride.
Then we had giant burgers and hot dogs, and went home satisfied. Thanks, Dunham Massey, that was a well organised and happy event. As last year, it took about an hour to go round.
After a good night's sleep, the children were enticed away from their iPads to Walton Park, for train rides and a marathon frisbee session during which Jacob only managed to get the frisbee caught in a tree once. Is that a record!
To complete this miscellany, here's Jess with Rocko on Boxing Day at Grandma Whoosh's house, during one of a number of family gatherings, all of which were most pleasurable.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Introducing 'Rocko'

Yesterday's forecast of heavy rain was 100% wrong. Today's forecast of a dry day was 100% wrong. Why do we bother looking at weather forecasts?!
After a 'just about dry' , Sue went bellringing and I jogged off in increasingly damp weather, to meet Kate and Co at Dunham Massey.
The autumn colours beside the canal in Altrincham, where lots of rowers were going through their paces, were pleasant enough, especially as they were accompanied by the dulcet tones of the bells of St Margaret's.
Towards Dunham the gloomy vista was enlightened by the surprising sight of two ladies on surf boards!
Kate and Co duly turned up, and the new member of the family, 13 week old 'Rocko', a Cocker Spaniel, went for his first 'big walk' - all of 2.5 km in the rain!
A deer was encountered. It must be used to dogs. Oscar and Rocko didn't quite know what to make of it.
Oscar is supposed to be reaching Rocko how to behave, which seems a little odd to me, as Oscar has not yet learnt (after about nine years), how to behave himself!

Monday, 23 September 2019

This, That, and the Other

Is it really a week since we were enjoying the sound of the Spirit of New Orleans Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club?
It's a couple of kilometres down Park Road from our house to Timperley Village. The road is lined by a mixture of properties and many mature trees. As I walked down the road one day last week I noticed that one of the very healthy looking trees was being trimmed. At least, that's what I thought I saw. Two days later it was clear that 'trim' was something of an understatement. What a shame... The stump, visible on the far right of the following picture, must be at least two metres in diameter.
We've had some lovely weather over the past week, and I enjoyed a sunny walk in rural Cheshire on Friday morning, on which I reported .
Meanwhile, walking down the canal towpath to the shops in Sale was an absolute delight.
Ken and Helen, who live in Ottawa - and who we visit each winter, arrived for a couple of nights. They are seasoned parkrunners, and joined us and 344 others on a delightfully sunny 5 km run on Saturday morning.
Jenn was Run Director for the day and she managed to conduct the formalities without falling from her pedestal! Well done, Jenn.
There was cake. Thanks go to those 'milestone' participants who provided it.
Coffees in the courtyard were consumed in a very jolly atmosphere, and we were delighted to receive a 'hello' message from our friends at Kanata parkrun near Ottawa - Ken and Helen's home run.
Full results are .
Another courtyard, that at Tatton Park, was the venue for lunch, where Ken, Helen, Sue and I were joined by Kate, Jacob and Jessica. No group photo I'm afraid.
Jacob (8), decided to practice being a teenager...
… there was a 'phone under there somewhere.
Everyone else went to look around the gardens. Jacob was glad to discover that we hadn't enough tickets on our National Trust membership for him and me, so the two of us went into the park for a game of frisbee. There were quite a few folk about, so points were scored for 'Random Hits'. I won - 1:0 - scoring with a superb 'bum' hit.
Then we went back to the courtyard, playground, etc.
It's raining now...

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

August 23 to 26, 2019 - A Visit to Whinfell Forest - Center Parcs near Penrith

Just a few more pictures to amplify . Click on any image to get a better version/slideshow.
The picture above shows the swimming and aqua centre, where no photos were taken due to the risk of moisture damage. Not to say that no damage was incurred, as one of my ears is still inundated....
We arrived in our chalet for eight plus Oscar the dog on Friday, and Sue, Jacob and I enjoyed a brief excursion to Penrith parkrun on Saturday morning - reported .
At some point during the weekend, some kind person took the following group picture.
The sports hall is pretty vast. At the back of the left side of the following shot are some squash courts, one of which has been adapted to host some family games that were great fun.
Outside, Jess enjoyed an 'off road' experience. She seems to like driving.
Football Pool, which Sue and I enjoyed at Sherwood Forest, was a winner here.
Mike and Sarah enjoyed frequent visits to the Pancake House, from which there's a good view over the lake. A close up lens may have spotted some of the red squirrels that live in this forest.
Short tennis tested Jacob's ball skills.
There was some more driving for Jess, this time without the aid of an electric motor.
"Look no hands" - Kate was busy teaching advanced driving skills to the five year old.
Jacob went high.
As did Sue.
The go-karts were a popular choice.
Golfing took place. The winner is holding the trophy!
More ball skills, with Mike demonstrating his expertise with the small bat.
By now, and after numerous activities not captured on film - aqua sports, owls, massages, gym, etc etc, it was Monday afternoon - time for a final visit to the flumes, rapids and canyon of the pool before joining the homeward bound queues on the M6 motorway.
Thanks, everyone, for a most enjoyable weekend.