Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Monday 2 March 2020 - The Dixie Beats at Eagley Jazz Club

John Percival's band, previously noted with a slightly different line up , were on great form - consolidating their position as the leading Dixie Jazz band in Bolton with solid performances from all the band members, who tonight were John Percival(Trumpet/vocalist), Richard Slater (Trombone), Michael Grant (Reeds), Scot Johnson (Guitar/Banjo), Karen Johnson (Percussion), and Steve Allen (Bass).
A very enjoyable evening, and a suitably excellent turnout to appreciate the band's efforts.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Monday 20 January 2020 - The Wabash Jazzmen at Eagley Jazz Club

We've seen this band , but today the clarinet was in the hands of Eric Newton, who we last saw giving a presentation about his interesting life to .

Pictured on the left in the picture, Eric tells us he is still available to give talks about his life and times.

Another excellent Monday evening jazz night, with the added bonus of a winning raffle ticket for the second time running!

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Monday 6 January 2020 - Deco Delight Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club

Another excellent night at the Jazz Club, with an entertaining performance from this band of accomplished musicians, details of whom can be found .
Music from the 1920's was the theme of the evening, and very good it was as well. They only seem to come once a year, and we missed them last year.
And just when we didn't need it, being just after Christmas, Sue and I won a large box of chocolates in the raffle!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Monday 9 December 2019 - The Tame Valley Stompers at Eagley Jazz Club

We know that Christmas is imminent when we pop up to Bolton for the Jazz Club's annual bash. The Tame Valley Stompers always brighten the occasion, and tonight was no exception, with some classic trad jazz, with a Christmas slant, in front of a full house of diners, well fed by Percivals, the usual caterers.
I've written about the band before, notably . Tonight I couldn't help noticing that Paul Broomhead's Christmas hat made it look, from the angle I was seated, as if he was sporting a lavish blonde wig.
Here they are at work.
And later, posing for the 'family album'.
It was good to see Reg at this event - his first outing since major surgery, and thanks go to all those who put such an effort into making this an enjoyable evening for everyone.

Monday, 18 November 2019

The Harmony Hounds at Eagley Jazz Club, in Autumn...

Happy Days are here again. 

Julia came to stay on this 'blue sky' day, for a stroll along the Bridgewater Canal towpath, then Trad Jazz in Bolton.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Monday 7 October 2019 - The Savannah Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club

Another night of great trad jazz at , featuring from L to R - Bill Smith (Cornet), Sam Ellis (Trombone and Keyboard), Tony Pollitt (Bass), Roger Myerscough (Clarinet and Sax), John Meehan (Leader and Drums), Chris Marney (Banjo), and in the foreground - guest singer Alesha Harris.
Alesha (I think that is her name), a student in Manchester, hadn't played with the band before and did very well with the St James' Infirmary Blues and another song, before retreating to the background and winning the raffle.
In a week that saw the demise of 80 year old Ginger Baker, who I remember seeing on several occasions when he drummed with Cream, John's enthusiasm with his drum solo (see below) had some of us worrying about his own health...

Well done, everyone, that was most enjoyable, after the long drive back from Newtonmore in the rain, on our escape from the bed bugs of the Balavil Hotel - don't use room 26 if you stay there! We just hope that they haven't hitched a lift back to Timperley with us.

Monday, 23 September 2019

This, That, and the Other

Is it really a week since we were enjoying the sound of the Spirit of New Orleans Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club?
It's a couple of kilometres down Park Road from our house to Timperley Village. The road is lined by a mixture of properties and many mature trees. As I walked down the road one day last week I noticed that one of the very healthy looking trees was being trimmed. At least, that's what I thought I saw. Two days later it was clear that 'trim' was something of an understatement. What a shame... The stump, visible on the far right of the following picture, must be at least two metres in diameter.
We've had some lovely weather over the past week, and I enjoyed a sunny walk in rural Cheshire on Friday morning, on which I reported .
Meanwhile, walking down the canal towpath to the shops in Sale was an absolute delight.
Ken and Helen, who live in Ottawa - and who we visit each winter, arrived for a couple of nights. They are seasoned parkrunners, and joined us and 344 others on a delightfully sunny 5 km run on Saturday morning.
Jenn was Run Director for the day and she managed to conduct the formalities without falling from her pedestal! Well done, Jenn.
There was cake. Thanks go to those 'milestone' participants who provided it.
Coffees in the courtyard were consumed in a very jolly atmosphere, and we were delighted to receive a 'hello' message from our friends at Kanata parkrun near Ottawa - Ken and Helen's home run.
Full results are .
Another courtyard, that at Tatton Park, was the venue for lunch, where Ken, Helen, Sue and I were joined by Kate, Jacob and Jessica. No group photo I'm afraid.
Jacob (8), decided to practice being a teenager...
… there was a 'phone under there somewhere.
Everyone else went to look around the gardens. Jacob was glad to discover that we hadn't enough tickets on our National Trust membership for him and me, so the two of us went into the park for a game of frisbee. There were quite a few folk about, so points were scored for 'Random Hits'. I won - 1:0 - scoring with a superb 'bum' hit.
Then we went back to the courtyard, playground, etc.
It's raining now...

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Monday 5 August 2019 - John Hallam and the Tom Kincaid Trio at Eagley Jazz Club

Sue and I enjoyed another excellent Monday evening at , with these four talented musicians playing to an almost full house.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

High Society!

provided another evening of entertainment, this time from the , who are based in North Lancashire and had not played at the club before.

With a number of familiar classics and a pint of White Witch, I found this evening most enjoyable, as did Sue, and we were also pleased to discover that Reg and Saro had an enjoyable holiday in Kandersteg.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

A Bike Ride, some Jazz, and a Game of Cricket

Monday morning bike rides aren't the same without Paul and Jeanette! This Monday I made my way in light rain to the allotted 8.45am rendezvous at Timperley Bridge, and waited with the familiar view shown above.
I was on my own, together with lots of fast, damp commuters. Never mind, I'd planned a shorter route than usual because of other perceived commitments. It was the same route as Richard and I took on .
By the time I'd reached Old Trafford, either it was very misty, or the 'phone camera didn't like being retrieved from my pocket into the muggy atmosphere.

I paused for a short rest near the bridge at Barton upon Irwell, near the Trafford Centre.

The vegetation on and around the Trans Pennine Trail in Carrington is nothing if not lush just now.

The 37 km route took me rather less than two and a quarter hours to pedal gently around. It's a good, mainly off-road, route for a bit of exercise.

Monday night found me at , with the Tame Valley Stompers on stage. I wrote a bit about them . Sadly Terry Brunt and his trombone were not present tonight as he had to attend the funeral of his long term partner earlier in the day. Whilst his substitute was excellent, the band isn't the same without extrovert Terry.
It was great to bump into Bernard (an East Lancs LDWA Plodder) and to spend the evening with him and his brother John.
Tuesday was a bad day for Richard's friend Simon - a roofer who couldn't pass over a chance to catch up on his work on a rare fine day. That made it a good day for me, as I could step in at the last minute and enjoy the one day match between England and Afghanistan at Old Trafford with Richard. Thanks for the 'call up', Richard. I had considered getting a ticket, but I'd fallen heavily at the hurdles of the application procedure.
So I walked down to M&S in Sale to acquire tasty provisions in the true tradition of my visits to the cricket ground, most of which pre date this journal. On the way I noticed that after many months of inaction, the path to a canal footpath at Brooklands is at last (or so it appears) having its wonky step repaired. What was probably an hour's job for a lone workman seems to have been escalated into a much bigger project! [Only the steps were closed, the footpath being easily accessed from the Metrolink station platform.]

We gave ourselves plenty of time as Richard was concerned about the time it would take to get through security. Just a few seconds, as it turned out.
With an hour before the start, the English players were engaged in a game of five a side football, whilst the Afghans preferred the non contact sport of frisbee throwing. Interviews were being broadcast, with numerous different broadcasters situated all around the in-field.

We were pleased when England won the toss and elected to bat. I optimistically suggested a total of 400 runs from the 50 overs, but soon discounted this when the English made a slow start, giving respect to the skill of the Afghan spinners.
Then captain Eoin Morgan came along and scored 148 runs from 71 balls, including 17 sixes, a record for a one-day international innings. We witnessed history (albeit in a relatively small way) being made, with England reaching 397 for 6 wickets in their 50 overs. Brilliant!

After meeting up with Keith and Carol during the break between innings, we enjoyed a rather sedate run chase which culminated with the Afghans needing to score about 150 runs off the final over.

Needless to say, they didn't manage that, and the game finished at about 6.15, having started at 10.30. It was well attended, with just a few gaps in the more expensive seats. The huge temporary stand in which Keith and Carol had £40 seats was full. Sadly I didn't take a picture of it - it's high to the left of the following image.

Here's a panoramic shot taken from our seats.

Thanks go to Richard for thinking of me when 'Poor Simon' dropped out at the last minute - it was a great day out.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Monday 6 May 2019 – A Bike Ride to Bury, and the Dixie Beats at Eagley Jazz Club

I’ve described this 70 km bike ride before. . Well, that was nearly six months ago. Doesn’t time just fly past at a terrifying velocity?

I was surprised to get a group of six of us on a Bank Holiday when I thought people would have other commitments. Some did have other commitments, hence Sue, Jeanette and Alastair turned round after the above photo was taken on the outskirts of Castlefield, leaving Richard, Paul and me to brave the predicted deluge.

The route passes as excitingly as it can muster through Salford, where this fine church is one of the landmarks along the way.

I got into a bit of a navigational muddle in the Irwell’s oxbows, but the gents seemed happy enough.

Before reaching the fleshpots of Bury (namely the excellent Dynamite Raw Café), we arrived at the now defunct Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal, where a couple (not this couple) were trying to de-choke the weedy waterway.

The ride then continued as planned, with a few short bursts of light rain, but nothing that enticed us to don waterproofs. There was an amusing incident at Gigg, where the bridge over the River Roch has been declared unsafe. It may be unsafe for heavy vehicles, but it was easy enough to lift our bikes over the barrier whilst a group of women debated whether or not it was wise to cross, possibly continuing that debate until long after we had gone.

The Rochdale Canal and the Bridgewater Canal have a thriving population of Canada geese. That population is expanding by the day. This chap looked as if he had just escaped from his shell. We saw several plump looking herons today, perhaps benefiting from this ready supply of food, whilst cormorants skimmed low over the canal in search of the fish that the herons would normally go for.

Meanwhile, we await the swifts that make their home under our eaves. They should arrive tomorrow.

Later, Bolton’s leading jazz band (Bolton’s only jazz band?), the Dixie Beats, gave a great performance at Eagley Jazz Club. They really were on top form in front of a record attendance of 83.

As usual, click on the pictures for better images.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Monday 15 April 2019 – The Harlem Hot Stompers at Eagley Jazz Club

Bill Smith, second from right, drove all the way from Cornwall so that he could perform at this gig. He loves it. He’s nearly 80.

Today the band was joined by comparatively youthful John Spall, on clarinet. He performed a masterful version of Acker Bilk’s ‘Stranger on the Shore’. I think it’s that piece that first attracted me to jazz music, when I was 12 and we lived at Meads Cottage, Ryton. I don’t think my parents had the record, but the tune was played incessantly on the radio at that time. It has stood the test of time, like many jazz numbers.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen this band…

Monday 19 June 2017 – The Harlem Hot Stompers at Eagley Jazz Club

Monday 16 October 2017 – The Harlem Hot Stompers at Eagley Jazz Club

… two name but twice. Other reporting has been scant or non existent.

Where were you, Paul and Julie?

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Monday 18 March 2019 – The Aire Valley Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club

Another entertaining evening at Eagley Jazz Club, where we were pleased to be joined by Paul and Julie after mentioning this to them on Saturday.The Aire Valley Jazz Band is one that failed to appear in January, thanks to a malfunction of the M62 motorway, but I have seen them before.
One of the highlights of the band’s performances is Rod McNamara’s exploits with his drums. He recalls… 
"I began playing some sort of drums - knitting needles as sticks and tin cans as drums at age 7. I swapped this interesting collection for a drum kit when I was thirteen and got to deputise at a local Working Mens Club. There was no recycling then so the needles and cans went on the local tip.”
Here he is with one of his drum solos.
Click on image for better resolution and slideshow
Great fun – can’t wait to see the Savannah Jazz Band here on 1 April.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Monday Nights at Eagley Jazz Club

This is The Spirit of New Orleans jazz band, last Monday’s performers at Eagley.

There was a good turnout, including one of Sue’s colleagues, Rob. And Reg was in good form, despite having had to curtail his Sri Lankan holiday due to dentistry and other issues.

At £6 for members and £8 for non-members, with cheap beer into the bargain, these performances do make for an excellent night out. The current ‘flier’ is below, and the up to date programme (which is currently as below) is here.



New start and end times 8.00pm to 10.30pm


Monday 4th March
Spirit of New Orleans

Monday 18th March
Aire Valley Jazz Band

Monday 1st April
The Savannah Jazz Band

Monday 15th April
The Harlem Hot Stompers

Monday 6th May
The Dixie Beats

Monday 20th May
The Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band

Monday 3rd June

Monday 17th June
The Tame Valley Stompers


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Jazz and Hoar Frost

After the abandonment of an Eagley jazz session a couple of weeks ago when all but one of the Aire Valley band got trapped on the M62, and the lone band member foresook the opportunity to make his name by performing solo, we were hopeful of a better turnout by the Wirrorleans band on Monday night. 

The latter band, apparently, has a good trumpet player, but whilst the reeds player was still in Bolton town centre when the gig started, the trumpeter first feigned lost, then, much to the consternation of other band members, failed to appear at all.

Sue and I were near the back, so I didn't get a proper picture of the band, but you'll note from the top picture that whilst some band members were absent or late, Jeremy Corbin was first to arrive, with his set of drums, albeit the venue is a Conservative club. 

The trumpet was missed.

Today would have been great for a walk, but other duties took preference and we had to admire the hoar frost from the centre of the A519.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Monday 19 November 2018 – The Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club


Last night we had the pleasure of being entertained by this wonderful jazz band, featuring some of the best jazz musicians in the country. All for £5 a head at Eagley Jazz Club.


The band’s website is here. They have been going for some time – here’s their potted history:

The Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band originated in Manchester in the 1970s and the name came from a short-lived American television sitcom set in Prohibition-era Chicago. Fortunately, the band has proved more durable than the TV series and has entertained audiences across the UK and Europe for nearly fifty years now. Over that period, inevitable changes in personnel have expanded the band’s repertoire to encompass many styles of jazz – from Dixieland through New Orleans to mainstream and on to swing and jump-jive. Always lively and exuberant, the band’s versatility sees them playing at weddings, corporate events and garden parties as well as more traditional jazz clubs and festivals.

For a profile of the current band see the players page.