Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca
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Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Mobberley 8 – A Good Friday Tradition (2)


I wrote about this in 2011 – see here, so I won’t go on at too much length about being led astray yet again by another villager from Timperley…

Guest of honour and Supreme Leader was undoubtedly Kim Jong-in, who proceeded to throw his weight around and threaten doom on anyone who disagreed with him.


The wall shown below came complete with a marker pen on which insults to K J-in and others could be composed with anonymity (and animosity).


This man (does he have unusually large hands, or is that a strangely small glass?) arrived with helmeted protection and a radioactive jacket. Other participants kept a wide berth.


Warranting an even wider berth, this farting chicken produced smells that reminded me of Form 1 history lessons at Guisborough Grammar School. (Our teacher, Mr Stephenson, never did gain control.)


The Frozen Mop is the second of about six pubs now visited by stalwarts of The Mobberley 8. About 50 to 100 people, mainly on bicycles, attend the event. Here, one of the joint presidents summons reinforcements from ‘rentacrowd’. His imaginative efforts to book a striptease unicyclist were however doomed to failure thanks to one of Mobberley Parish Council’s obscure by-laws. (Shame.)


I followed the convoy of bikes to the Bird in Hand, just down the road from the ‘Mop’. Good beer, and half the price (£2 a pint) at the Bird in Hand, an excellent spot.

The bikes used by attendees were not all state of the art, but included some classic models.


My visit was somewhat fleeting, as I was only reminded of the event via an email from JJ at 10.30, and as the cycling route from Timperley was not off road, discretion regarding alcohol intake was warranted. It worked well – I set off after the rain had stopped, and I was home before it started again. Others entering more whole-heartedly into the occasion may not have been so lucky.

Here’s my 33 km route – click on the image to enlarge it a bit.


Thanks to JJ for reminding me about this, and I’m sorry that my visit was rather brief.

Friday, 22 April 2011

The Mobberley 8 – A Good Friday Tradition

“Fancy a bike ride tomorrow:
The first pub is the
Plough and Flail, a bit of a posh joint. It's good to get there for around 11.45am.
The order of battle is:
Plough & Flail > Stag at Warford > Frozen Mop > Bird in Hand > Bull's Head (popular lunch stop, bring butties) > Church > Chapel House > Railway.”

JJ is an expert at leading people astray.  Anyway, I couldn’t resist finding out what this was all about so I popped down to meet him at the Bird in Hand and the Bull’s Head.

It was very hot and summery.  “Sometimes it snows” someone observed.  Apparently this unstructured event started around thirty years ago.  The protagonists are still around, this year (perhaps always) cleverly disguised as chickens.  It’s not organised.  It just happens.  There’s music at the end in the Railway.

Well done, JJ, you do get up to some pranks!

The pictures speak for themselves, mostly.  But keen observers may notice a ninth pub, The Roebuck, in the background.  Apparently it has been banned from the event due to having perpetrated a misdemeanor regarding lunchtime food.

Outside the Bull's Head

This t-shirt contest has a clear winner…

This t-shirt contest has a clear winner

The whole thing was apparently started by a couple of chickens! Summer in Mobberley