Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Saturday 25 May 2019 - Montrose parkrun number 98

Sue and I took part in the Montrose parkrun a year ago after spending a week on TGO Challenge Control. This year we were joined by Gayle, Mick having sensibly to spectate due to a damaged ankle.

There were 157 participants - about double compared with last year. (Meanwhile there was a record turnout of 439 for our 'home' run at Wythenshawe.)

The run director provided the TGO Challenge with a little publicity by introducing us and the event in which we had taken part. We thank him for that and for the friendliness of everyone we met.

With tired legs from walking nearly 200 miles across Scotland carrying backpacks, we all expected to be slower than usual. We were, but not by as much as we thought we would be. In fact, Sue and I were quickest in our respective age groups, and Gayle was well up in hers. 

Parkruns are, as many readers may be aware, 'an excuse to eat cake'. Today was no exception. We enjoyed cake supplied by a few 'landmark' runners taking part in their 50th or 100th events, at the end of the run. Then we revisited Charleton Strawberry Farm for more coffee and superb 'cake'.

Thanks go to Mick and Gayle for the treat that fuelled us for the 320 mile drive home, where we are now relaxing after our energetic holiday.

Today's pictures:
Sue speeds home just behind Gayle in about 27 minutes
The running TGO trio
Coffee and cake
Gayle's choice was the envy of all of us

Hopefully we will meet again next Saturday, but I doubt the cake will match today's standards.

I'll insert a link to the full results tomorrow  - I can't work out how to do this using the phone.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Marine House, Montrose


Last week Sue and I stayed in Alison’s apartment within the impressive building called Marine House, overlooking the golf course in Montrose. It’s an impressive building, dating from 1907, when it was built as an hotel.

However the site has been occupied by buildings for much longer than that. In 1781 the town of Montrose was unique among Scottish towns and cities in being the first to have an asylum for the insane. The Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary was completed after the institution of a subscription by local woman Mrs Susan Carnegie of Charleton, following concerns about "mad people being kept in a prison in the middle of the street".

It was described as "a house and garden in the links of Montrose". It occupied the site now bounded by Barrack Road, Ferry Road and Garrison Road, approximately where Marine House and the Fire Station now stand. A plaque to mark the site was mounted on the wall of the first Marine Hotel, which was apparently originally the Physician Superintendent's house, but unfortunately this building was demolished a few years ago and the whereabouts of the plaque is unknown.

The second, and current, Marine Hotel is a large gabled 2-storey, attic and basement, tall 3-bay house with extensive 4-storey and attic wings to the rear forming approximate an L-plan.

Alison’s and other apartments now occupy the large wings to the rear.

It’s a Listed Building, the current Category 3 listing arising from the interest of the east facing house, surprisingly vertical, and disguising the expanse behind, as pictured below (with thanks to Pinterest for this picture).


Thanks again to Alison for her generous loan of the apartment.

The above information is all I could find on Marine House. It is scant and slightly contradictory. Were there really two Marine Hotels? Any further information would be gratefully received.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Saturday 26 May 2018 – Montrose parkrun number 46


After the excitement of this year’s TGO Challenge had abated and we had enjoyed our last full cooked breakfast at the Park Hotel, said our goodbyes, packed the car, and popped Alison’s door key back through her letterbox, we realised that it was Saturday morning.

Time for a parkrun!

The venue in Montrose is on the links very close to where we were staying, so an excuse not to delay our departure from sunny Montrose could not be found.

All parkruns provide a friendly welcome to ‘tourists’ such as ourselves and Anne Kelly, who had found an excuse to avoid her ‘home’ run in Stretford this morning, but the welcome in Montrose was exceptional. It was a lovely event in which to take part, if a bit breezy for really fast times on the fast, flat (apart from a few rabbit holes) course.

I managed to finish in what may be my quickest time of the year, as I’ll be unable to run properly for a couple of months given the imminent hernia op, whilst Sue took her time and chatted to Hilary Murdoch as she walked round the 5 km course. It was a delight to run down grassy tracks lined with the coconut aroma of the bright yellow gorse bushes.

I’ve included a few pictures below. Note the green vests of some of the runners. These have large numbers on the back which indicate that they are pacers for particular times, the next but one picture being of Keith Black, who was today’s 25 minute pacer, and he succeeded in dragging in Hugh MacKenzie in just under the target time. Well done! I tried to follow the 22 minute pacer for a while, but couldn’t keep up. The full results are here.


Here’s the route, which is on the links close to Charleton Fruit Farm, to which fleshpot runners are encouraged to gravitate after the run.


We duly adjourned to the café at the fruit farm, as did a few others who are out of shot, one LTD having crept in to the next picture. Hello ‘Lucky The Dog’!


Yes, it was something of a surprise to find the cross dressing Pie Man (whose entertaining blog enjoys a vast readership) enjoying elevenses with his entourage. He proudly exhibited his 14th TGO Challenge t-shirt and vowed in front of his family to continue in his bid to become a 20-timer. This man is crazy!


Then we went home…

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Here are three images of Montrose taken on today's 'biscuit run'.

A great day without too much pressure on the TGO Challenge Control Room.

But only about 100 Challengers have finished so far. That leaves around 200 to come in, most of them tomorrow. It'll be a busy day.

Lovely evening with nearly 40 at dinner, including a number of very good friends who we haven't seen for some time. No pictures due to battery failure on this old phone. Replacement is imminent.

Good news of the day: hernia op fixed for 8 June, so we can now make plans for the summer.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Scurdie Ness

Scurdie Ness, seen here from a vantage point during an early morning bout of light exercise, is a favourite finishing point for TGO Challengers like Stefan, also pictured. 

Stefan, who took a route from Mallaig to St Cyrus, was this year's third finisher, much earlier than most due to work commitments. He had enjoyed this year's wonderful weather, despite which the drop out rate of more than 10% is greater than usual.

We were pleased to welcome Sue to the team at Challenge Control. She had a journey from Manchester that started with the excitement of an audience with garishly dressed Michael Portillo and finished with a lift from Arbroath after a meltdown of the east coast mainline train service due to a broken down train. Luckily she was just in time for tea.