Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Saturday 21 October 2017 – Sale Water parkrun


Just for a change, Sue and I pedalled along the towpath to Sale Water Park for today’s parkrun.

Considering it was only their third run, the organisers were pretty efficient and we enjoyed a sedate jog along the scenic course.

It’s not fast, as much of the riverside path is over broken stones and rubble, all part of the water management system that should prevent our houses being flooded following a severe storm in the Peak District.

The ‘there and back’ route runs from the Visitor Centre, beside the river to the end of the Water Park, then alongside the Water Park to a point where it doubles back for 500 metres on a parallel path, before returning along the same route to the start. We met just a handful of the leading runners on their return, before the path divided.

Sue and I, both nursing our injuries, took a shade under 30 minutes. I finished in position 180 out of 257 finishers. The full results are .

Afterwards we caught up briefly with Andy Wright, who may have adopted this venue as his ‘home’ run, before pedalling on for 15 minutes to spot the last finishers at Wythenshawe parkrun, enjoy a coffee in the Courtyard Café, and help with sorting the finishing tokens for next week.


Here’s the 5km route:


Note that my old mapping hasn’t caught up with the relatively new Metrolink line to the airport that crosses the River Mersey near Jackson’s Bridge. I must upgrade my Anquet maps.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Autumn On The Bridgewater Canal


It’ll be interesting to see what these scenes in Broadheath look like in a couple of years’ time.


Meanwhile, the canal between Sale and Brooklands will probably look just like this.


Have fun!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

An Elephant for Sale!


Various wild animals seem to be roaming the streets of Sale. This elephant was seen last Thursday, trotting past Vao Restaurant before we popped into the Waterside Arts Centre for a Karen Matheson (of Capercaillie fame) concert, supported by Fara, a girl band from Orkney.

An enjoyable evening of Celtic music.

We walked there and back along the canal towpath, dodging the cycling commuters on the way there, and observing numerous resident bird life, which at present can be summarised as follows:

Lots of Mallards and Canada Geese
Occasional flocks of Black-headed Gulls
A family of Mute Swans
The Timperley Heron
Mandy the Mandarin Duck (resident here for 4 years)
Grey Wagtails near the bridges
Feral and Wood Pigeons
A lone young Moorhen
A Cormorant on tour
Blackbirds, Magpies and Carrion Crows on the towpath
Lots of Sparrows chattering in the hawthorn hedges lining the towpath

How many of these can you spot between Dane Road and Timperley Bridge? And what have I missed? (I know there are more, such as roaming Goldfinches, and tits in the hedgerows.)

And where are all the other animals?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Thursday 9 October 2014 – An Evening Walk to Stretford


We just didn’t feel like traipsing to Peckforton for a walk in the dark. We weren’t alone, as we would have been alone on that planned walk, if you get my drift.

Instead, Sue and I enjoyed a leisurely supper and set off down the newly resurfaced Bridgewater Canal towpath on a 50 minute jaunt to Stretford, from where we caught the tram back home.

The full moon illuminated our progress, though the ambient light would have been sufficient. Cyclists were also enjoying the newly laid surface, which replaces a very muddy section between Timperley and Brooklands. Some of the cyclists could benefit from lessons in courtesy, but it’s good to see them using this much safer alternative to the main Chester Road. If walking along the towpath at night, a torch is handy, if only to alert cyclists of your presence.

A couple of watering holes were passed, one being The King’s Ransom in Sale, which we didn’t visit on this occasion, just pausing to take a couple of snaps with the Lumix FT4.

Temperatures remain warm, with two layers being sufficient to give rise to some overheating.


Our next evening walk is around Styal on Thursday 13 November – meet at the Ship Inn, Moss Lane, SJ 838 835, at 7.30 pm for a woodland saunter. All are welcome 5 – 10 km, depending on weather and what we feel like doing.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Mandarin at Brooklands

Mandarin Duck (female)

After some lovely weather and lots of photos yesterday (see a later posting) I didn’t bother with a camera for today’s stroll along the canal towpath in the rain.

There’s quite a variety of wildlife in evidence along the canal between Timperley and Sale.  There are always lots of Mallard and Canada Geese, with Black-headed Gulls in the winter.  Swans live here – today just two adults and a juvenile were in evidence.  Moorhens, the occasional Coot, a Cormorant, a Heron and Grey Wagtails are also commonly seen.  The hedgerows sport an active colony of Sparrows, lots of Pigeons and Blackbirds, and passing swarms of Goldfinches as well as mixed flocks of Tits – Long-tailed, Blue and Great in the main.  Dusk brings sightings of our local foxes, so the grey squirrels make themselves scarce then, whilst the water rats and the canal’s stock of large fish are less frequently spotted.

However, today I spotted a duck I’d not seen before on the canal.  It seemed quite happy in the company of a group of Mallards.  I returned home for a camera.  The top picture didn’t match anything in the first two bird books I checked, but my Collins Pocket Guide came to the rescue - the bird is clearly a female Mandarin Duck.

The images below show the Mandarin next to a Mallard, and a typical autumnal view of the Bridgewater Canal in the rain near Marsland Bridge.  The duck was on the Sale side of that bridge if anyone is interested.

The Bridgewater Canal and Marsland Bridge Mandarin Duck and a Mallard

Friday, 2 March 2012

Ten Days in Timperley

Above the Vale of Edale

Is it really ten days since I flew in to the greenery of Timperley?

Well, yes – and the only day walk I’ve been on is last week’s ‘plod’ from Abbey Village to Mellor.

But before I got back, whilst I was supporting Ken on his 51km skate-ski Loppet, Sue enjoyed a bimble in the Peak District, snapping Paul (above) taking in the sumptuous view over the Vale of Edale, and Jenny, Phil and Sue W on the unmistakable summit of Mam Tor. 

Mam Tor

Perhaps she’ll write about it one day!

Then, last weekend, she deserted me in favour of another little trip.

Snow and Mountains

Icelandic View

Icelandic waterfall


Perhaps she’ll write about it one day!

Meanwhile, back in Timperley I’ve been enjoying the spring-like weather in between planning for this summer’s outings, with Sue strapped to her desk earning the means to pay for those outings, many of which are ‘hut to hut’, as opposed to backpacking with a tent, to satisfy the needs of her neck.

So this rather mundane entry is really for my mum, Dot, who fractured her femur on the night before we left for Canada.  Within a week or so she was back home after her second ‘half a hip replacement’ within twelve months.  Sadly however the joint is harbouring a bacterial infection, so after several visits to A&E she has now been readmitted for at least three weeks to be dosed with powerful antibiotics in an effort to subdue the infection.

Being away from her computer, she’ll receive a hard copy of this posting, and all those from our Canadian trip.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

Yesterday it was very spring-like in Manchester, as over the rest of the country according to my fellow bloggers.  It’s an excellent time of year for bird watching, and as I pedaled down the course of the old Warrington and Stockport railway, closed in the 1960’s but retained as a valuable recreational resource, it was a pleasure to watch lapwings in the fields and goldfinches in the hedgerows, from the tops of which the warbling dunnocks defied their drab appearance.  Lots of other birds were also in evidence, as well as jay-walking squirrels.

On the Warrington and Stockport railway line near Warburton

My 17 mile circuit on the bike takes me under the M6 motorway to Thelwall, to join the Bridgewater Canal for the return to Timperley.  It’s a delightful ride, if rather flat, and sometimes muddy.  Here’s the canal to the west of Lymm.

The Bridgewater Canal at Lymm

The Bridgewater Canal at Lymm

On return, I noticed that our garden needs some attention, but as on the canal towpath the crocuses are flourishing.

In our garden - 1/3/12

A walk to the shops in Sale took me over a really muddy section of towpath, which thankfully has dried out enough over the past week to facilitate cycling without getting totally covered in mud.

However, the section by Sale Rowing Club seems to be receiving special attention.  Very good, but we hope the other, rather muddier sections soon receive the same treatment (although hopefully the season of the towpath mud zones is drawing to a close).

The bridgewater Canal at Sale Rowing Club

Work Float No 4 still seems to be in position and loaded with resurfacing material, which is certainly a good sign.

Work Float No 4

Sale has an attractive Town Hall, fronted by an impressive war memorial.

Sale Town Hall

The afternoon view along the Bridgewater Canal from Sale Bridge is always into the glare of the sun, but shows the canal running straight as a die for about two miles to Timperley.  And there’s always the option of traveling home by way of the tram line that runs just to the left of the canal.

The view from Sale Bridge on a sunny winter afternoon

That’s all for now.  Back to the planning (and other distractions).

Get well soon, Dot.