Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca
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Monday, 3 January 2011


Ice on the Bridgewater Canal in Altrincham - 2/1/11

Over on Gayle’s blog are some impressive graphs concerning her activities during 2010.

So I thought I’d work out some statistics for my own 2010 activities.

I walked rather less than Gayle’s 1,813 miles, though at 1,184 miles (1,905km) I nearly managed to replicate her digits.  But my miles weren’t all that ‘flat’, as I climbed some 73,360 metres (240,694 ft) and topped a few summits – 9 Munros, 22 Corbetts, 32 Wainwrights and 53 Birketts, as well as 19 other ‘minor’ summits – mainly Shutlingsloe and lesser Alpine peaks.  Of the UK summits, 53 were ‘Marilyns’ – ie summits 500 feet (~150 metres) higher than the land around them.

Adding in bike rides (1,317km), jogging (307km) and skiing (250km), my grand totals for 2010 are 3,779km (2,348 miles) and 100,343 metres (329,225 ft) ascent.

But the statistic I like best is the number of days I managed to get out – excluding walks under 5km, bike rides and most of the jogging – it comes to about 150 days, from which I conclude that I’m well and truly retired!  Perhaps even a bit tired!

It’s cooling down again here in Timperley.  The slight thaw produced a little surface water on the frozen canal, which has re-frozen to form an attractive ‘shattered glass’ effect.  It’s now about 3 inches thick, so is fine to walk on, apart for a few thin patches and the fact that it’s incredibly slippery.

Plans for 2011 are on the drawing board, but some of the above statistics will take some beating…