Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Sunny in Stretford


It’s almost exactly three years since . That was on one of those lovely sunny frosty winter days, the like of which we are now experiencing. The sculpture is beside a bridge by Stretford Metro Station, just beyond the Watch House Cruising Club building pictured above.


We are ‘at home’, with jobs to do and a little local excitement, so exercise comprises things like our 27/12 walk to Dunham Massey and on to Altrincham, and yesterday’s ‘lollipop’ bike ride – along the canal to Throstle Nest Bridge, then beside the Ship Canal to Barton swing bridge beyond Eccles, returning along the canal towpath past the Trafford Centre to regain the stick of the lollipop.


It’s about 26 km. Allow up to an hour and a half, depending on your pace. Yesterday was a perfect day for this bike ride as the surface of the canal towpath is pretty frost resistant, but you did need to wrap up well!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Back Home


Well, we had an uneventful journey back from Madeira on Monday afternoon, and this week is flying past in a blur of domestic chores.

I have escaped on my bike a couple of times, and this is Tuesday’s view on the Bridgewater Canal. A rare such sighting, thankfully, and even rarer to see an umbrella and a walking pole on the roof of a decent looking car in the canal.

Timperley residents can breathe a sigh of relief as they will note from the picture below that the incident took place near the animal rescue centre in Stretford.


The vehicle was quickly removed, there being no sign of it today.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Thursday 9 October 2014 – An Evening Walk to Stretford


We just didn’t feel like traipsing to Peckforton for a walk in the dark. We weren’t alone, as we would have been alone on that planned walk, if you get my drift.

Instead, Sue and I enjoyed a leisurely supper and set off down the newly resurfaced Bridgewater Canal towpath on a 50 minute jaunt to Stretford, from where we caught the tram back home.

The full moon illuminated our progress, though the ambient light would have been sufficient. Cyclists were also enjoying the newly laid surface, which replaces a very muddy section between Timperley and Brooklands. Some of the cyclists could benefit from lessons in courtesy, but it’s good to see them using this much safer alternative to the main Chester Road. If walking along the towpath at night, a torch is handy, if only to alert cyclists of your presence.

A couple of watering holes were passed, one being The King’s Ransom in Sale, which we didn’t visit on this occasion, just pausing to take a couple of snaps with the Lumix FT4.

Temperatures remain warm, with two layers being sufficient to give rise to some overheating.


Our next evening walk is around Styal on Thursday 13 November – meet at the Ship Inn, Moss Lane, SJ 838 835, at 7.30 pm for a woodland saunter. All are welcome 5 – 10 km, depending on weather and what we feel like doing.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

'Stretford Reach', a sculpture by Paul Bearman and Stephen Hitchin


I pass through Stretford frequently these days, as the good surface of the Bridgewater Way provides an ideal venue for an off-road bike ride in times when it can be quite muddy elsewhere.  I don’t mind the mud, but it does result in a lot of faffing cleaning both bike and clothes after each muddy ride.

I usually whizz past this sculpture with the following SW wind whooshing me along.  On the way back, my head is down – battling against that same wind.  But it’s a warm wind and doesn’t have the debilitating effect of early 2013’s unrelenting freezing easterlies. The weather between the wet periods can be lovely, as it was last Saturday when these pictures were taken.

The sculpture was installed in 2003, on a very solid base. I wonder how many residents notice it?


More recently, the Bridgewater Way upgrade to the canal towpath has been accompanied by numerous information boards, like this one next to the sculpture.  It has recently been cleaned and looks new, thanks to the surface being easily purged of graffiti.


A little to the south, Watch House Cruising Club generally has a few barges outside, taking advantage of the Club’s facilities. I try to slow down here, as even if the path is deserted the locals have a tendency to jump out and reprimand speeding mountain bikers!