Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca
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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Porthmadog 2018


Here’s an overview of our recent trip to Porthmadog, together with route maps.

Day 1

Sunday 11 November 2018 - A Circuit from Tudweiliog

We started with this excellent walk featuring some splendid rainbows at Porth Ychain.


The walk ended near Porth Towyn, where a lone woman was swimming in the sea.


Here’s our route - 13 km with 100 metres ascent, taking 3.5 hours.


Day 2

Monday 12 November 2018 - Mynydd Tir-y-cwmwd from Llanbedrog

We went to Llanbedrog with my brother Dave. He’d never been there before! It’s a steep climb up to the Iron Man sculpture.


Here’s our route - 4 km with 200 metres ascent, taking 1.5 hours.


After the walk we visited Plas Glyny-y-Weddw. Had to seriously resist spending Lots of money.


On return to Porthmadog, we enjoyed a short walk to Tremadog, returning via a supermarket and a storm.


Here’s our route - 6 km with 50 metres ascent, taking 1.5 hours.


Day 3

Tuesday 13 November 2018 - A Criccieth circuit from Porthmadog

This was a 27 km circular walk via Criccieth, starting on a lovely morning from Porthmadog harbour.


The coast path leads through Borth-y-Gest to Ynys Cyngar.


A long stroll along the firm Black Rock Sands led eventually to an excellent café in Criccieth.


Beyond Criccieth we encountered (well, we failed to encounter) a path which had no access point, then a bit later another path that came to an abrupt halt at a high stone wall bordered by equally high barbed wire fences and no sign of a stile. We turned around near where this view from Bryn Braich-y-saint towards Porthmadog was recorded.


The horses were more friendly than the natives.


Here’s our route - 27 km with 500 metres ascent, taking 6.5 hours.


Day 4

Wednesday 14 November 2018 - Anglesey Coast Path - Newborough,  The Missing Loop

This was the day we completed a section of the Anglesey Coast Path that we missed out in April. Newborough Forest hadn’t lost any of its beauty.


The walk along Traeth Penrhos was arduous. We were sand-blasted. Goggles would have been useful.


We had to wait an hour and a half before we could splash our way across to Llanddwyn Island.


A lorry load of shells have been deposited – to be used as hard core for path maintenance. This area is easily accessed by car and is obviously a very popular place.


From the tip of the island there are good views to Snowdonia and (below) to the hills of the Lleyn Peninsula.


After an unfortunate episode with a badly behaved dog, we enjoyed an orange sunset shortly before returning to the car.


Here’s our route - 18 km with 200 metres ascent, taking 5 hours.


Day 5

Thursday 15 November 2018 - Ceunant Cynfal and Ffestiniog

We drove up to Ffestiniog, where Sue made friends with a ginger tom cat.


Our walk in Ceunant Cynfal featured a rain forest (yes!), moss laden trees, waterfalls, and some attempts at photographic artistry from Sue.


Shortly before arriving back at Ffestiniog, we paused to attack the contents of a large flask, with great views towards the Moelwyns.


Here’s our route - 8 km with 300 metres ascent, taking 3 hours.


And there’s more from Day 5

Thursday 15 November 2018 - Around Harlech

We drove down to Harlech and soon found paths above the town. There were good views into Snowdonia, where cloud lingered just above the summit of Snowdon.


A little further on we were offered fine views of the nearby Rhinog summits.


On return to Harlech, before heading for the beach we admired the following view, apparently ‘The Postcard View’ of Harlech Castle. It’s rather blighted by an unsightly mess of green caravans.


Descending to the beach, you look back to the town to be presented with the sight of several abandoned hotels like this one. Harlech is not a pretty place.


There is, however, a fine beach, from where we watched the sun set at the end of our holiday.


Here’s our afternoon route - 10 km with 350 metres ascent, taking 3 hours.


An excellent short break. Thanks go to Dave and Maggie for the loan of their house in South Snowdon Wharf.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Black Rock Sands


Today’s big news is that after nearly four years with the Samsung S5 phone, I’ve upgraded to an S9. I’ve left it so late that there’s hardly any increase in the monthly fee. But that means a lot of faffing, setting up the new phone and downloading maps etc. I don’t find it straightforward. I have some technical issues…

Anyway, I’ve taken a break to process some of last week’s photos and I’ve got this far – Black Rock Sands on Tuesday morning. It’s a long walk down that beach from Ynys Cyngar to Criccieth.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Thursday 15 November 2018 - Around Harlech

The 'lovely sunny day' continued apace after lunch. We drove down to Harlech and parked in the centre, just above the castle.

Harlech seemed dead to the outside world. I suppose it was lunchtime. In the town's favour are its magnificent castle and its superb beach. Otherwise it seems to be a town of tumbledown hotels and green caravans. Rather an ugly place.

A clockwise circuit above the town soon brought us fine views into Snowdonia (top picture) and along the Lleyn peninsula. Care was needed navigation wise as whilst there were no problems with access, the footpath  signposting could be described as "tired". Once at our high point, by the ancient hut circles of Muriau Gwddelod, we enjoyed a fine view of the Rhinog summits (second picture).

Soon after that, and a bit of 'Martin's meandering', we found another grassy bank on which to empty the remaining contents of our flask down our necks (third picture).

After 6-7 km we found ourselves back in town and heading off past Harlech''s picture postcard viewpoint (fourth picture) on another clockwise circuit, this time based upon the beach, which was bathed in late afternoon sunshine (bottom picture). As with the other beaches we've been on this week, the sand was firm and clean, with no evidence of rubbish being washed up.

By the time we'd walked along the beach, walked through the dunes and the golf course, and struggled up a steep hill to reach the car, we'd walked 10 km. A very pleasant afternoon stroll. 

The Thai restaurant that we like was shut despite enticing signs proclaiming that it was open on Thursdays, so tonight's dinner was sourced from the Creel chippie.

Thursday 15 November 2018 - Ceunant Cynfal and Ffestiniog

On a lovely sunny day, but with buffeting winds forecast on the tops, we decided to stay low again and spend the morning enjoying a short walk from Ffestiniog, featuring the deep ravine and resultant waterfalls cut by the River Cynfal. 

We started near the church and its massive graveyard, with fine views of the Moelwyns. A ginger tom cat dashed in front of us, obviously in search of some unfortunate victim. He was easily distracted from that occupation in favour of a good rub down from Sue.

Soon we were on our way. Jays and jets only briefly interrupted the calm of the day with a background of the sound of tumbling water.

Unlike some of the places we've visited recently, the deciduous trees around here have mostly shed their leaves. It must have been windy. 

Buttercups were on display today, as were the following wild flowers seen around here in mid November, as well as those listed yesterday:
Herb Robert
Lesser Stitchwort

Several waterfalls graced the ravine, in an area that we learnt comprises the ancient oak woodland of a temperate rainforest where the habitat is amenable to 154 different moss and liverwort species.

Lunch was enjoyed on a grassy bank in the sunshine near Ffestiniog, with good views into Snowdonia, and in particular towards the Moelwyns, and the company of swooping birds, probably woodpeckers.

By then we were nearly back at the car, after this very pleasant 8 km saunter on lovely woodland paths.

I'll  post the route in due course, but it's pretty much self explanatory from this text.