Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Saturday 14 March 2020 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 431

Charley was today's Run Director. She is flanked by me and Cary for the simple reason that if we weren't there, she would crash to the ground. Sue has captured her above in a rare moment of stability.
The usual characters were in attendance - here Owen and Syd exchange insults...

At the start, Kate and Martha are checking that nobody makes a false start (that dodgy chap in green looks a likely culprit).
The event took place without incident (apart from lots of squidgy mud) and very little mention of the 'C' word, other than a consensus that folk would turn up next week for a 'Freedom' run, even if parkruns are put on hold. It was good to see many of the runners and walkers adjourning to the café.
Full results are , generally on the slow side due to the mud, but with notable performances from some of Sale Harriers' youngsters, including a very fast ten year old girl. Well done Isobel.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Sunday 1 March 2020 - Great Run Local at Wythenshawe

Just to prove that it doesn't rain every day, and Wythenshawe Park isn't totally under water or frost, here are a couple of Zoe's photos from this morning's jog around the park. This route is on tarmac, so all the wet weather does is create a few massive puddles (like yesterday's at Alexandra Park), so wet feet are the order of the day.
While Sue went bellringing, I jogged around the 5 km course with Michael, for the second week running just failing to outsprint him to the finishing line. 24.23 was quite an acceptable time, after a slowish start amongst the children and the puddles once we'd left the running track.
A lovely way to start the day. Thanks for the photos, Zoe.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Saturday 11 January 2020 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 424

On a routine Saturday morning on the 5 km 'Reverse Flag and Sandcastle' course, Jan rests under the supervision of Oliver after speeding off ahead of me, despite my efforts to slow him down with inconsequential chat at around the 3 km mark.
Full results are . Another good turn out of 390 people. Laura was first woman again, in another new PB, so well done to her - she's now flying ahead of her dad.
I was over a minute slower on today's (Sunday) faster 'Great Run Local' course, but as it was somewhat rainy, and I was wearing full waterproofs, I'll live with that.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Saturday 28 December 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun Number 422

Back to 'normal' today - no outfits to slow us down, and a clear route to the first chicane-less corner, so no excuse for slow times. Unless you were a Barber - Paul "hangover", Laura "stitch", and Jeanette "my collar bone is broken"; ok, we'll let you off, Jeanette!
Oliver was back to his job of interviewing the ever constant flow of first timers with his usual alacrity, then Run Director Alan spent a good few minutes explaining the course (Flag and Sandcastle backwards again), before the usual announcements, with a landmark performer having forgotten to bring cake, so we would have to do with last week's leftovers!
On the course, life was pretty uneventful, with several people passing me as I slowed down in the last 2 km, and Andrew outsprinting his dad to the finish.
Cary slowed dramatically towards the finish, blaming 'Stopwatch Bingo' for his noticeable lack of effort!
Apparently 'Stopwatch Bingo' is a nerdy sort of 'collectors' thing - it's explained :
"The idea is simple, every time you finish a parkrun, you discard the “minutes” bit of your finishing time and use the “seconds” to complete a virtual bingo card, that contains sixty numbers from 00 to 59."
Apparently Cary needs just 3 more times to complete his card, so he was deliberately slowing down in an effort to get one of them.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Saturday 21 December 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 421

It's the time of year when many people dress up for their 5 km parkrun pre Christmas ritual.
Cary's was a particularly good disguise!
Alan's team was also preparing for action.
We ran the Flag and Sandcastle course 'backwards'. I think Dan (Run Director for the day) meant 'in reverse'. Here we are at the start.
Sue posed with two reprobates - Running Ron, and Andy 'No Show', who by dint of some unexpected miracle had actually turned up.
The numbers swelled as it got closer to nine o' clock.

Oliver looked on as the Cordingly Dynasty assembled en masse.
Then we were off, soon into the muddy grass of the 'flag' area, then back up the start/finish straight.
The legs of my costume were by now sodden and dragging around the ankles. Hard work! And more mud to come...
My camera had been given to Rowena, who took this series of photos, hence the regular appearance of her heavily disguised father... Thanks Rowena, you did well.
After the first lap, even 'slow Alastair' came steaming past me!
I think Cary blamed the hot beard for his slow time.
I struggled to the finish in 25.36, feeling as if my ankles had weights attached to them. Position 82. (.)
Cheeky Andrew flew past Sue in the finishing straight. 
A quick post run photo, then it was off to the café for coffee and scones.
Well, that was such a jolly occasion that we repeated it on Sunday at the Great Run Local event in Wythenshawe Park. Here's a team of worthies - Winston Runners I presume.

There was no Rowena to take photos today...

The legs were as much of a drag as ever, but I did manage to shave two seconds of the previous day's time, with Sue just behind, though Richard Bacon (78) finished well ahead of us today.
Two lovely events. Very enjoyable, as was the subsequent soak in the bath - for both bodies and my costume.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Saturday 7 December 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 420

A routine Saturday morning on a dull day found 206 like minded folk running jogging or walking around the 5 km 'Flag and Sandcastle' course at Wythenshawe Park. It was muddy, but who cares, it'll be muddier tomorrow...
Some of us tried to brighten up the day - I'm joined by Jenn and Kate in this effort (above).
It was Alan (one of the Run Directors) who made up for the missing landmark 300 t-shirt by wearing both his 50 and his 250 to celebrate his 300th run.
Sue walked round in about 40 minutes, and others of us took it easy today, jogging round more slowly than usual and enjoying a chat, in the knowledge that our stamina would be tested by one or other of several cross country events that take place tomorrow.
Full results are , processed efficiently by Run Director Charley whilst we enjoyed a coffee in the café.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Saturday 16 November 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 417

On a surprisingly sunny morning, we returned to parkrunning just four weeks after our last outing.

Despite the mud, we managed reasonable times given our muscles had forgotten how to run. I chatted with Michael, and Sue chatted to Alastair.

All very convivial, and it was good to see Mark H looking frisky at the end (though he did admit to having coughed up his breakfast at the finish!).

Zoe G was on her 300th parkrun, having started in 2011. Quite an achievement as she has had two babies during that time. She brought a balloon that accidentally went skywards, and the picture I took of 'Team Zoe' will also finish up in a 'cloud', of a different sort.

There was lots of cake today. It's a shame the obnoxious manager of the tea room is on a mission to prevent it being brought into the room, let alone being finished off there. What with dogs also being banned, the café is losing business. Never mind, it's still quite jolly in there after the run.

Today's pictures:
I was commended today on my colour coordination!
Team Zoe at the finish
Happy times in the tea room

Full results are .

Sunday, 20 October 2019

A Quiet Weekend in Timperley

Friday night at Sale Waterside with R + J. Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri. Kiki Dee gained fame many years ago - tonight she played two excellent sets, including the number that got her into Top of the Pops in 1974. She was famed for a while as someone who played a lot with Elton John.
More recently she has enjoyed a lower profile, making music with Carmelo, an accomplished guitarist, for over 25 years.
We really enjoyed the concert, after which everyone*, including Kiki and Carmelo, adjourned to the bar. A really enjoyable evening; thanks Jenny for organising it.
* Well, not quite all the several hundred people who attended!
Saturday morning started, as usual when we are at home, with a parkrun. Today, our 'home' run got the vote, so we joined the 250 participants and 20 volunteers on a fine morning, though soggy under foot. Slow going through the grass. Tris did a fine job as Run Director and everything went smoothly. There was even cake.
Results are .
It was good to see Mark Hunter, who has been battling a serious illness, going slightly faster every week at the moment, though he has a long way to go to get back to last year's times. At least he is running, and it was great to see him looking positive.
Today - - a bit of good exercise before a lazy 'house admin' day...

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Saturday 12 October 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 412

We were back at our 'home' parkrun today, where 272 of us enjoyed calm, warm conditions for a good workout, with the grassy sections a little waterlogged, so not many fast times.
It's nice to get some fresh air though, albeit I had to pedal quickly home after the run, to fetch my forgotten barcode. Oops! Despite the 12 km round trip, I was relieved to get back to the scanning area before the Tail Walker finished the 5 km event. Phew!
Full results are .
Today's pictures show Oliver giving a lone participant his briefing, with the bottom picture, taken from the 'Finish Funnel', showing someone appearing to make a false start.
There were visitors ('tourists') from Columbia, and Nick Whyatt completed his 50th run, but there was, unusually, no cake!

Monday, 23 September 2019

This, That, and the Other

Is it really a week since we were enjoying the sound of the Spirit of New Orleans Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club?
It's a couple of kilometres down Park Road from our house to Timperley Village. The road is lined by a mixture of properties and many mature trees. As I walked down the road one day last week I noticed that one of the very healthy looking trees was being trimmed. At least, that's what I thought I saw. Two days later it was clear that 'trim' was something of an understatement. What a shame... The stump, visible on the far right of the following picture, must be at least two metres in diameter.
We've had some lovely weather over the past week, and I enjoyed a sunny walk in rural Cheshire on Friday morning, on which I reported .
Meanwhile, walking down the canal towpath to the shops in Sale was an absolute delight.
Ken and Helen, who live in Ottawa - and who we visit each winter, arrived for a couple of nights. They are seasoned parkrunners, and joined us and 344 others on a delightfully sunny 5 km run on Saturday morning.
Jenn was Run Director for the day and she managed to conduct the formalities without falling from her pedestal! Well done, Jenn.
There was cake. Thanks go to those 'milestone' participants who provided it.
Coffees in the courtyard were consumed in a very jolly atmosphere, and we were delighted to receive a 'hello' message from our friends at Kanata parkrun near Ottawa - Ken and Helen's home run.
Full results are .
Another courtyard, that at Tatton Park, was the venue for lunch, where Ken, Helen, Sue and I were joined by Kate, Jacob and Jessica. No group photo I'm afraid.
Jacob (8), decided to practice being a teenager...
… there was a 'phone under there somewhere.
Everyone else went to look around the gardens. Jacob was glad to discover that we hadn't enough tickets on our National Trust membership for him and me, so the two of us went into the park for a game of frisbee. There were quite a few folk about, so points were scored for 'Random Hits'. I won - 1:0 - scoring with a superb 'bum' hit.
Then we went back to the courtyard, playground, etc.
It's raining now...

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Saturday 14 September 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 408, and the Tour of Britain bike race

Refreshed from a night's sleep after my ten hour journey home from Kinloch Rannoch, I cycled to Wythenshawe park for a bit of exercise on a lovely late summer's morning. There was a gentle bite to the air.
Whilst 355 participants chatted and lurked near the start, a few were warming up on some newly laid tarmac on the path we use.
With tired legs from carrying a 12 kilo weight on my back for sixty miles, I was pleased to find an excuse for a slower than usual pace. Sue joined me, and we ran with Owen and Annie, celebrating Owen's 100th parkrun. Well done Owen.
"Done it!"
After a quick coffee, many of the parkrunners decamped by various means to Altrincham town centre, where the last stage of the Tour of Britain bike race was due to set off at 11 o'clock.
I got there just in time. It was crowded. I've never seen Altrincham so busy.
It was a short wait by the market, for the competitors to pass on their way to the official starting point. They were led out by members of the local Seamons club of which Paul and Jeanette are members.
After the peleton had passed through, Sue and I made our way up the street, only to meet the Seamons team coming the other way, led by none other than Jeanette (Paul being away in the Alps).
Nearby, in Goose Green, a huge TV screen was covering the race, viewed by lots of folk on what turned out to be a beautiful, warm summer's day.
A good day for Altrincham, that's for sure.