Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Saturday 17 August 2019 - Wythenshawe parkrun number 404

A break in the rainy weather enabled us to enjoy a 'routine' parkrun on the normal course, with 285 attendees from near and far (eg from the USA).
It's good to see the hall looking much better, some three and a half years after it was set on fire. Hopefully the big green fence through which the above picture was taken, may soon be removed.
By way of a reminder, the following three images are of boards attached to the green fence. I think I've posted them before, but if you want to read them properly you'll get a better image by clicking on each picture.
Meanwhile, it was a pretty uneventful run - my slowest since March after a week with very little exercise. I went back up the course to run in with Owen and Annie, who are pictured below on the finishing straight.
The usual socialising outside the Courtyard Tearoom took place, and several people expressed interest in joining me and Sue and Cary on a walking trip to Andalucia with  from 2 to 9 November. I think there are still a couple of twin rooms available.
Full results from the run are .

Friday, 16 August 2019

A Wet Day in Timperley

It's rare that it rains all day in Timperley, but it did today - even for a while when the sun came out.
We've had the pleasure of a visit from Jessica for a couple of days (one of which I spent ferrying Great Grandma Dot between Eccleshall and Manchester for an eye hospital appointment - all is well thanks to monthly injections to stave off AMD).
Lots of baking has taken place - most of yesterday, in fact, and she helped me make brownies this morning.
A visit to the Glass House at Wythenshawe Park offered the opportunity of saying hello to the fairies of Wythenshawe, who are dwarfed by the giant carp, and by the lilies pictured above.
The workers' cottages are 'bijou'.
A climb to our loft was needed to provide ammunition for another assignment, before some colouring books became the focus of attention.
It was great to have you, Jess, and we hope you'll stay here again soon.
The slight delay in this posting is entirely due to Anthony Doerr's beautifully written tale - 'All the Light we Cannot See'.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Saturday 8 June 2019 – Wythenshawe parkrun Number 394 Reaches the Moon

On Friday, Run Director Andy advertised Wythenshawe parkrun as follows:

“One runner tomorrow will cover the final 5k to take us to the moon. Will you be the lucky recipient of this specially crafted finish token? There will be cheese (and rain).”

Andy’s prediction of ‘rain’ seems to have put people off, despite the offer of a prize. So only 263 people participated. One of the stalwarts was seen to hang back in the hope that he could bring home the bacon (cheese) (brie).

The result is evident from the top picture that shows that stalwart runner receiving his award, described later by Andy as follows:

“Rocket man Paul Barber finished in #210 and achieved the moon landing. This is particularly poignant as Paul was there for lift off at our first ever event back in August 2011. Enjoy your cheese Paul! Next stop Mars!”

Today’s run took Wythenshawe’s total ‘mileage’ to 384,665 km, which apparently secures a moon landing for Paul and the 53 folk who finished behind him. The rest of us must have nearly made it, but remain in limbo, a bit like Wythenshawe Hall. 

There was little sign of any security today, so bikes were leant against the fence in the rain, whilst Oliver looked on, stridently bemused as ever.

Andy’s magic wand produced a break in the rain of about 40 minutes, just enough time for his pre run briefing.

Luckily it stayed dry for the run, which I did in a similar time to last week’s effort at Stafford – I slowed for a while to encourage a youngster who eventually stopped for a rest rather than collapse. Sensible lad, he still got a personal best time.

Meanwhile, Sue jogged round about three minutes slower than last week – here she is at the finish.

True to his word, Andy provided cheese from his moon mine, and oranges from his orchard in sunny Sale. There was also cake, and miraculously the gazebo didn’t blow away.

We hadn’t been to this parkrun for a while, so despite finishing the run before 9.30, it was after 11 am when we finally dragged ourselves away from a sociable morning in the café.

Full results are .

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Saturday 4 May – Wythenshawe parkrun number 389

Back, briefly, to our Timperley routine. This means a visit to Wythenshawe park at 9 am on a Saturday morning.

It’s over three years since the Hall was damaged by fire. Work is progressing and much of the scaffolding has now gone. It’s a long job though.

It wasn’t a hot day, but just about warm enough to mill around for a while and listen to Andy’s briefing. A record number of 414 runners and walkers turned out for today’s run, exactly 100 events after the previous record of 403. A large contingent from Glossop contributed to this record.

Sue and I ran the 5 km in acceptable times, given our recent lack of running. Sue actually came first out of 23 in her age category, so her time was perhaps better than ‘acceptable’. I went back along the course to meet ‘Team Owen’, featuring Jan and Ron and pictured below together with an item – a rather large post – that has appeared on the route – an obstacle that Andy, conscious always of the health and safety of the runners, was at pains to describe in his briefing.

Warm (ish) and sunny weather offered a chance to enjoy our post run coffees outside the Courtyard Tea Room, on another very sociable occasion.

Full results are .

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Saturday 15 December 2018 – Wythenshawe parkrun Number 369


On a bitterly cold morning , just 184 runners and walkers turned up for event number 369. Jan, pictured above standing to the left of Rebekah, Sue and Paul, has participated in some 239 of those events, and today was his 250th parkrun at all venues.

Well done Jan, and well done run director Tris for reeling off a whole catalogue of Jan’s statistics. Impressively, he ran a personal best time in September, some three years after his previous PB, and on his 229th run around the Wythenshawe course.

Today a lot of us were taking it easy after Friday evening indulgencies – Sue and mine having been at our Quizzers’ Christmas Meal at Thyme and Plaice in Chorley. It was very good. Sue drove; I had the headache.

That meant Sue was raring to go in her brand new Saucony Peregrin shoes.


She won’t be slithering through the wet grass any more with those soles. Conditions today were dry and fast, hampered only by the cold weather and a cold wind, so Sue was pleased to run her fastest time this year.


Full results are here.

The fire damaged hall is slowly returning to life. A lot of the scaffolding has been removed. Here’s today’s view, shortly before the rain arrived.


PS Thanks go to Syd for the doughnuts. Yum!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Saturday 24 November 2018 – Wythenshawe parkrun number 366


Just 231 of us gathered on a coolish morning in the park.

Her are some of the participants limbering up before the start.


Wythenshawe Hall is slowly emerging from its protective scaffolding. It seems a long time since we use to congregate right next to the building.


Today’s run director was Charley, who managed a dance on the pedestal whilst announcing '”No first timers” and “No tourists” without pausing for breath before moving on to the starting process. Charley and the other marshals did a fine job today as there was a bit of a mix up that caused problems with the results.


So was PB’s PB (21.17) accurately recorded, or was it just a fluke of the faulty timings? There don’t seem to be many people around him, so did he really come in so far ahead, or has he miscounted the laps?


And surely the parkrun is supposed to be undertaken on foot, not on a bike! Not surprising that she came home only narrowly behind PB, who of course can run much faster than the average cyclist.


For anyone confused by all this, don’t worry, it’s just a bit of fun. The full results are here.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Saturday 29 September 2018 – Wythenshawe parkrun number 358


Our first run for five weeks, and we hadn’t seen Paul and Jeanette for just as long. Jeanette was sporting her new ‘250’ shirt after reaching that target whilst on a visit to Shetland; Paul’s is quite old. They have completed 566 parkruns between them, and their son Greg has managed a further 379.

It was a lovely morning. I jogged a slow first kilometre to warm up, before speeding up to finish in a respectable time, albeit position 83, just ahead of Jeanette, some way behind whom Sue ran in with Cary. She had intended to walk, but her Achilles problem doesn’t seem to have affected her too much today and she enjoyed a chat with Cary.

Results here.

It’s a red letter week for the hall, damaged by fire in March 2016. The bell tower has been repositioned in its rightful place.


Here’s what it looked like immediately after the fire.


So there’s hope for the future behind all that scaffolding. I think the work is supposed to be completed in January 2019.

It’s great to see so many bikes at the parkrun these days. The message really does seem to have got home to a good number of people that parking is limited and cycling to the event is the perfect way to digest your breakfast on a Saturday morning.

We were also pleased to see that there’s a new, more convenient for us, run at Orleans in Ottawa, where friends took part in the inaugural run on Saturday. We look forward to joining them on our next visit. 38 people took part, which is encouraging.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Saturday 25 August 2018 – Wythenshawe parkrun number 353


Just a few pictures from Saturday’s parkrun, which took place in damper conditions than of late, with some moisture-laden grass to slow us down, though the overnight rain had ceased by the time we needed to cycle down to the Park.

Above – work continues on the Hall, but there has been indiscernible progress over the last few months. It’s now two and a half years since the fire.

Meanwhile, Oliver continues to oversee proceedings and, aided by Run Director Charlie and Head Honcho Andy, he personally welcomed all 230 of today’s runners.


Owen was as enthusiastic as ever, seen here warming up for his weekly dose of quality exercise.


This was Jane’s second parkrun. She got round in an hour and eight minutes, helped by stalwart Syd and by today’s two Tail Walkers, Sue and Kathryn.


The parkrun is as important for people like Jane, who we hope will return for some more PB performances, as it is for some of the faster runners, including those trying to follow the blue vests of the Winston Runners club members who were pacing at 25, 30 and 35 minutes.

Thanks go to Winston Runners, pictured below with some hangers on, for providing today’s marshals and pacers.


Full results are here.

And there was even a bit of cake!

That’s our last run for a while. Let’s see what else we can get up to?

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Christmas 2017 – A Pictorial Review


I start with some sad news. Yesterday members of Eagley Jazz Club received the following message from Reg Kingston, concerning a stalwart of the club, Jeff Gilpin:

“Jeff passed away yesterday after suffering a heart attack. We who were at the Jazz Dinner will I think always remember his brave Funeral March.”

Somehow I seem to have missed making a diary entry of the splendid evening on 18 December with a Christmas dinner and the excellent Savannah Jazz Band. Towards the end of the evening, Jeff, who didn’t look well, performed the Funeral March. It was brilliant. I’m sure he will be sadly missed by many people.


Moving on to the following Saturday, 23 December, Wythenshawe parkrun attracted a motley bunch for its 319th event. Family Jesus turned up in force.


In addition to the stalwarts pictured above, here are a pair, Paul and Greg, who have over 630 parkruns under their combined belt!


The two equally generous but opposing in stature kings, Syd and Ken, allowed a tree to slip between them, with Jan and Andy drifting into the picture.


It was a slow run, with the tree’s material gathering mud and extra weight all the way round. At least Mike didn’t sprint past me at the finish this year. The bacon and sausage butties at the end were most welcome. There was a great turnout of 310 people.


Christmas Eve found us in Timperley hosting a family gathering. My cameras have been stashed pretty much throughout the Christmas period, so the photos are mainly from other people. I think Sue took this one of the grandchildren. Jessica later had her missing arm sewn back on, but Jacob couldn’t find his dentures.


Christmas lunch was enjoyed in Timperley with Sue’s mum and dad, Richard and Diana. Before that, Sue and I popped down to Platt Fields Park, where 379 parkrunners were starting Christmas Day with a bit of exercise.


Greg was there, as were other Wythenshawe regulars, there not being a Christmas Day run at Wythenshawe.


Joe and Diana joined Sue and started off together.


But Richard (of Richard and Diana number 2) shot off ahead and whizzed around the fast course in well under 20 minutes (I wish!).


Joe speeded up towards the end and left Sue trailing, with Diana nowhere to be seen.


Boxing Day brought a trip to Dunham Massey. I strolled down the towpath whilst the others cheated in the car.


There’s not an awful lot in flower in the winter garden just now, but the Witch Hazel is quite pretty.


The oldies spent an hour or two resting on the reindeer bench, then we went for coffee.


Later on, another family get together provided an image I’ll always remember. I don’t think I’ve seen either of my children washing up before, let alone both at the same time!


I can’t remember much about the following day, perhaps we rested! But on Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting Jacob and Jessica. The soft play was calculated to tire them out. It didn’t.


Cooking followed.


Cup cakes with chocolate icing, and shortbread were produced. Note the technique that avoids their clothing getting clogged up with flour.


Not even the washing and drying up tired them out.


Friday morning had been designated for a walk around Lindow Moss. The rain/sleet stopped just as we were about to set off, and whilst it wasn’t as muddy as last week’s effort, those with wellies chose wisely.


I’ve reported from here many times before. To see pictures, and information about ‘Lindow Man’, type ‘Lindow Moss’ in the search box (top left) and read on…

Today’s walk was just 8 km, on the route shown below. It took us two hours, with a welcome coffee in the Boddington Arms afterwards.


Parkruns come round quickly at this time of year. Yesterday Wythenshawe’s 320th run was overseen by run director Andy. It was Very Muddy, so perhaps just as well that only168 turned up. A good, sociable occasion as always.


Sue and I dashed off to enjoy lunch with Dot at the Royal Oak in Eccleshall, returning for yet another family get together, at which the host decided to disclose a wealth of archive material including photos and schoolwork from past generations…


Having survived the festive period to date, Sue and I will shortly be off to north Manchester to see the New Year in with good friends and lots of good food and wine.

So here’s a final sunset over Timperley from our kitchen window for 2017.


Our very best wishes to everyone for 2018. Have fun!